What Can Cause Infertility In Males?

In days long gone, people rather society was inclined to believe if a couple couldn’t get pregnant it was something wrong with the women. However, these myths have been busted with scientific evidence that males too sometimes very unfortunately cannot contribute to getting pregnant. Here are some of the causes of the recently more commonly known problem of infertility in males.


It refers to the abnormal enlargement of the veins that drain the testicles. Some of the most common causes of varicocele is valvular incompetence, nutcracker syndrome and etc. Varicocele is easily visible, with an abnormally enlarged vein on the testicles. Varicocele is easily reversible and such patients are able to have babies again. Some of the obvious symptoms to lookout for are enlarged veins, shrinking of the testicles, dragging or aching pain among others.

Hormone imbalances

Hormone imbalances are most often effects of abnormality in the testicles. Sometimes they can occur through an abnormality in the male hormonal system. Some common symptoms of hormone dysfunction are problems with erection, lack of energy, loss of hair, sweating excessively and etc. The good news though is the Hormone imbalances in men can be corrected with various male infertility treatments available.

Sperm Count

The number of healthy sperms in a single ejaculation can be a deciding factor too. Weak sperms don’t reach even half of the desired destination. So the greater the number of healthy sperm the more chances of getting pregnant. The movement or what is known as sperm motility should also be in the correct speed to reach the egg. A sperm count that is below 15million sperm per millimeter of sperm is considered as a low sperm count and cause infertility in men. This can be corrected with a male infertility treatment that is available.


A temporary condition of infertility occurs sometimes in both men and women due to some medications. So if you are planning on getting pregnant it best to check all the medication you are taking. Sometimes it as easy as just stopping the medication. In other more complex scenarios counter medication is necessary. It is always best to consult your doctor or physician before taking any medication if you are planning on getting pregnant.

These are some of the most common causes of infertility in men. There are many infertility treatments available in this medically advance world. So there is no reason to fret as many men have been able to successfully reverse the unfavorable condition and have as many babies as their hearts desire!