The Need For A Priceless Timepiece

In a world of smartphones and smart watches most people no longer care for a mechanical watch. A digital watch is always the preferred choice. So is there a need for the luxury of buying an age old timepiece when your expensive iPhone can do the same for you. Most would say no, but there are still some people out there who are craving to add to their already existing collection of timeless, expensive watches. So let us see what the secret is behind this craving.
Matter of pride
The tag of a status watch has long been spoken of. Branded watches for men convey a different message than when it comes to women. But very few people actually act on it today and notice it. For those who do it is all to do with accomplishments and taste, and for those who don’t it is about the lack thereof. A man usually allows himself to splurge on such a luxury when he wants to celebrate an achievement of sorts. It’s almost like a pat on the back that they give themselves.

The thought of owning luxury watches is more emotionally driven than anything else. There has never been a need for man to own such priceless pieces. Like we said your phone or minicomputer can do the same job of telling you the time as these thousand dollar precious watches. Like most people would say needs are different from wants and spending lavishly on watches is definitely a want.
It’s like a secret handshake amongst those who value it. It sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Because everyone on the street is wearing a tie and suit, but there are only a handful who will be sporting a good watch. Although most people in the younger generations don’t give a lot of thought to what’s on their wrist it still hold a place of prestige in the eyes of the older gen.
This change in trend for the want of owning a luxury watch may have resulted from the fact that in the yesteryears watches were the only piece of jewelry that most men wore. So this was a chance for them to flaunt it in their pursuit to success. But now you see men sporting various other pieces of bling like cuff links and tie pins to bracelets and rings. So a watch is not the only shiny piece of metal in their attire that helps them grab attention. Browse this website to find out more reviews regarding the best jewelery.
But just like why people like to spend on cars and wines the need to spend on such priceless timepieces depends solely on the personality of the individual.