Reveal The Beauty Of Extravagance

There are many countries around the world are famous for many different things. For an example, Australia is among the top countries, best country to live and United States of America is the most powerful country on the earth etc. Any guesses with regards to the country which has the tallest building on earth? It is in United Arab Emirates, in the city of Dubai.
It was one of the countries which grew very fast and has developed to the top in a short span. Best Dubai lifestyle is bit similar to United States of America. Because, it has almost all the facilities, from restaurants, seven start hotels, cloths, mammoth shopping malls, indoor ski and wonder lands etc. the list goes on. It is an ideal who really look in to spend a rich vacation with all the luxury and facilities. However, many people say that Dubai is one of the best countries to earn money or rather work for a better salary.
There are thousands of jobs available in Dubai and the pay is comparatively high when it comes to other countries. Hence, there are number of people fly to Dubai in search of a job with a dream to earn some money and fly back to their countries. This has become a trend and the competition has been increased drastically when compared to past few years.
Dubai is a famous destination for most of the Bollywood stars. As stated earlier a considerable number of people among the original Arab population are Asians. Hence, Bollywood stars organize their best parties in Dubai and other events in the United Arab Emirates. By organizing the same in Dubai they get lots of popularity among the people who work and live in the country and moreover earn thumb pinning amounts from these events and parties.
As we know, Dubai earns most of their money from their core business which is natural oil. There are millions of dollars flowing to UAE via this business because still there is a huge demand for gasoline or rather petroleum in the world. Though there are alternative fuel vehicles introduced in the world such as hybrid and electronic vehicles, still there is a huge demand for petroleum fuel. These fuels are used not only for cars but also for other means of energy sourcing solutions.
However, UAE has initiated other business to support their economy growth as oil business is not a permanent business because it is a natural resource which might have an end for it. It is really important to plan ahead and strategically move towards the future without depending on a single natural resource.