Proper Application Of Fake Eyelashes

You have seen the flawless look achieved by celebrities by the use of fake eyelashes. They manage to make it look effortless and natural. But it can be quite a task when you start as a beginner. In this article, we will be discussing on the proper way of applying fake eyelashes to complement your eyes.
Even the best false eyelashes you purchase may not always fit your eye shape. Therefore, you have to spend some effort to adjust them into your own eyes. For this, you need a good understanding about the shape of your eyes. Most strip lashes tend to fit almond shaped eyes. But there are other kinds of eye shapes as well. For example, deep-set eyes will need longer length lashes particularly at the centre of the lashes, downturned eyes need a shorter strip that has longer lashes in the outer corner, prominent eyes may need strip lashes on the bottom as well and hooded eyes will need a thin eyelash strip that is in a shorter length.
You have to remove the lashes from the box carefully. You can identify which lashes go on which eye by holding the packet under your nose with the lashes facing out. Peel the eyelashes from the outer edge and not the inner corner. This is because you may bend some eyelashes when you first start peeling. This may not matter because you will be trimming the lashes to fit your eyes and you can remove the damaged parts. It is not considered wise to bend the inner lashes.
You can place the strip of lashes against your natural ones to see if it needs any adjustments. If they’re too long you can always trim it. The strip should start from the place your natural eyelashes begin. If they’re too close to the inner corner, it might cause irritation. Start from about two to four lashes inwards from the outer corner of your eye. This will make sure that the false lashes don’t drag your eyes down.
If you’re trimming the lashes, make sure you start from the outer edge. You can curl the lashes before you apply them. You can do this by curling them around a cylindrical object like your blush brush, your finger or even a pen. Hold them in the curved position for a time. You should apply the lash adhesive in Dubai properly. First, dot a very thin layer of glue along the vein of the fake lash from one corner to the other. Wait a few seconds before you apply it so that it has some time to become tacky. You can have some glue dots along your natural lash line as well for a stronger application.
You should place the fake lashes where your natural lashes begin. Look downwards while you press the strip lash against your natural lash line at the centre, inner corner and outer edge. You can apply eye makeup after attaching the fake lashes.