Promoting Your Personal Brand In Life

In today’s society, branding is everything and isn’t limited to the marketing of companies, products and services. Branding also extends to people, who will use a ‘personal brand’ to make themselves famous, or at least well-known among their own community. This usually involves the promotion of a key word, phrase or image that you would like others to associate with you. For instance, millionaire playboy can make a fortune off of a reality TV show that was produced based on his reputation as a playboy, in which case his personal brand is of a playboy. Similarly, you can promote your personal brand in the following manner:

Customize Your Email

An email is as good as a formal letter these days, so customize your email signature to communicate your personal brand through it. If you want to be known for your photography, add a title line ‘photographer’ after your name and stylize it in an uncommon way. Over time, people will get used to seeing your email signature and start to associate you with the word ‘photographer.’ Always use that email to correspond with potential clients and other connections.

Customize Your Electronic Gadgets

Expand the promotion of your personal brand to the electronic gadgets you use. Look online for a site that allows you to customize mobile skins and add your personal brand word, image or phrase to the back of your phone. Print it out as a sticker and stick it on your iPad or tab. Make it the desktop background of your laptop or discreetly paste a sticker of the brand on the cover of your laptop. Familiarity born through exposure will help others around you to associate the brand with you. if anyone asks about it, don’t hesitate to give them the run down.

Reinforce the Personal Brand with Alternative Methods

To make sure that people hear about it and remember it, you will also need to subtly reinforce your brand on others. One way of doing this is to use associated images and words elsewhere in your life to support your initial brand. For instance, if you want to promote the word ‘speed’ with relation to yourself, find a Ferrari phone cover and use it to reinforce the idea of speed in everybody’s mind. You can even explain the symbolism behind it once or twice, but truly ingenious designs will speak for themselves.

Live up to Your Personal Brand

None of the above will work if your reputation does not match up therefore always select a personal brand that reflects who you are as a person, and then do your best to live up to it. One dissatisfied co-worker or boss can ruin any carefully-cultivated image no matter how hard you worked on your promotional campaign. So ensure that you work accordingly.