Grasping English In Today’s Era

The sad truth is that many young people today have a very basic knowledge of the English language and this is true even for those young people who live in countries whose first language is English. You will be surprised to hear that even many British and American children do not know how to spell even the simplest of words and will usually speak in a tongue that is accepted by the youth of today but is completely unrelated to the real English language. Most young people today have created their own language and are adding newer made up words in to their communication that they do understand among themselves but is considered wrong and flawed when compared to real English.

This results in a lot of young people not being accepted in to the colleges of their choice and not being able to do a job in the real world. The problem here is that these young people are not even aware that the language that they speak is incorrect and they consider these made up words that they use to be legit and correct. Even in terms of pronunciation, things are looking bleak for the English language as many young people have taken to pronouncing different words in different ways and making them quite accepted in their own communities. One example is that many young people in the United Kingdom along will pronounce a simple word like “think” as “fink” and most people in their communities will not even recognize the mistake in their speech.

Taking English testing exams

Most good universities will always require applicants to take an IELTS preparation course and then the IELTS examination to prove their fluency in the language and their ability to grasp what is going to be taught in the programme at the university.

In the United States of America applicants and potential students are expected to take SAT preparation and sit for the SAT exam which is even more high end than the IELTS exam and the sad truth is that with both of these exams, the fail rate is very high. This means that the younger generation no longer has a secure grasp of the English language and this is a very alarming fact.

Most of these universities will usually get thousands of application every year for their courses and they are unable to choose between all of these thousands of intelligent students. These English language testing exams usually serve as a tool to choose the best of the best out of these thousands of applicants.