Fast Moving Items At A Press

Contrary to what it sounds like, a ‘press’ doesn’t actually have much pressing to do, at least not in this day and age. A press is where things are printed in large amounts and in every place there are certain items that always sell out way before the others. Here are some of them.

Hearken to the New Year

Any items that have dates and planning in them usually sell like hot cakes. This involves calendars, diaries, planners, date books and other items. Naturally, the most transactions happen around the New Year so any printing company Dubai worth its salt will try to get their ‘pressing’ done a month before the end of the previous year. In fact, calendars continue to sell well into the second month of the New Year, especially if it is particularly well done. Many people still prefer to have tangible calendars around them, even though all electronic gadgets now have the option of marking dates and planning things on them.

Send an Official Letter

Getting a corporate stationary contract is a big feather in the cap for any press as companies require large amounts of stationary. Headed letter paper, note pads, memo pads, envelopes and business card printing Dubai are a big part of their annual budget. Because companies require these items in such large numbers, the contract is usually worth a lot of money and naturally, every item printed is quickly whisked away. Interestingly, once one company signs on and has an order completed successfully, it usually signals other companies that this press is worth going to.

Look at that Board!

Some places – if they have the right equipment – undertake orders for large billboard type notices whether on flexible fabric or hard board. Others will print banners, X-stands and pennants, all part of marketing and branding. These items have to be designed and matched to the exact specifications provided by the client, meaning that presses have to be careful. They are all so some of the more expensive and in-demand items, especially since not all places can do them.

Sing Happy Birthday

Greeting cards are another fast moving item in these places since most card companies will place large orders from each design. It is only the small scale card makers and niche projects that look for smaller orders but even those bring big cash into the press. When holiday season comes around, everyone is celebrating and one of the fun parts about it is getting and sending cards. Thus, presses have a lot of work to do as one year end and another year begins.