Common Types Of Cars

Since the beginning of the 20th century, automobiles have been a prime mode of transport all over the world. With automobiles constants being improved to travel faster and are made more powerful, new features are also constantly being added to cars such as Automatic Cruise Control. Here are a few classifications of automobiles.
Family car
Arguably some of the cheapest models of automobiles, family vehicles usually provide features like comfort and safety in taking you to your destination. Although things like acceleration and top speed may not be its strong suites, these automobiles are more focused on interior and comfort for the driver and the passengers. They are usually smaller in size than an average sedan, however they do support seating capacity of 5 adults. Usually the rear end of these automobiles will be flat with no extra trunk space hence making them compact. Visit this site to gain ideas about vehicle fire suppression system that keep the drivers behind the wheel safe and in full control of their vehicle.
This group of automobiles are probably the most common types of automobiles found in most countries. Sedans are usually much more powerful and larger than the family vehicles. One key difference from family vehicles is that they have a large trunk hence allowing for added load capacity. Sedans are used for services like taxis, or the armored cars may be used for security. Price ranges can vary depending on the model of the car and the features it provides.
Luxury cars
These automobiles stand out from the others in that they have a very prestigious appeal. Automobiles like the Mercedes, BMWs and Rolls Royce are some of the leading names when it comes to luxury automobiles. The focus on these automobiles is appearance and quality. The car bodies are made from higher quality metals and may even have armored vehicle parts to make them bulletproof. Although not affordable by all, these automobiles are usually equipped with the latest automobile technologies and will offer some of the most comfortable rides.
Exotic cars
Horsepower, speed and eye candy are some of the main features that separates these vehicles from all others. Turning heads when driving on the streets, or shattering ear drums when revving to full speed, these cards are usually built for just one purpose; speed. Seating capacity and trunk space aren’t the strong points of these vehicles as they usually only provide seating for two persons and rather small trunk. With a price range similar to the luxury vehicles, owning one of these will cost you a hefty sum of money.
Although these groups of automobiles can be further divided into subgroups, such as the muscle and super vehicles, all automobiles can be classified into one of the above four groups.